Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210310

Dipublikasi: 10/03/2021

New Features
[SSL Certificates] Added: Ability to see "Certificate Details" in Cloud Console
[SuperScaler] Added: API Support for Accept-Language header in the request
[Cloud Drive] Added: New clean user interface with tools available to administrate your directories and files easily.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Ability to choose which folders to encrypt with your own encryption key.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Play video and sound files directly from the web interface and mobile devices.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Ability to create Wiki and Knowledge within.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Upload links: Any user who has access to the links can upload files to the folder pointed by the link. No login is required.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Internal links: Only logged in users who have share permissions to file or folder can access this link. Used for internal file sharing.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Virus scanning for files is now a built-in to ensure your disk is protected from virus.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Now you can share a directory to a group with "read-only" permission. You also want to allow a specific member of the group to modify files in one sub-folder. You can grant write permission of this sub-folder to this person.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Now you can share a directory with 3 groups. There are 3 sub-folders under that library, one for each group to upload files. However, you don't want users to change files not belong to his/her group. You can grant write permission of a sub-folder only to its group.
[Cloud Drive] Added: New share links permissions:
- Preview and Download: the file or files in the folder can be downloaded. If the type of files can be previewed in a web browser, they can also be viewed online.
- Preview only: the file or files in the folder can only be viewed in a web browser, but cannot be downloaded. This is useful for sharing confidential data.
- Edit on cloud and download: Similar to "Preview and Download", but if the file type can be edited in a web browser (e.g. Office files), any user who has access to the link is allowed to edit it.
- Online access only. You can set a shared folder or files to only be accessible online and not within the mobile or desktop app. Files cannot be download in this way.
- Online Read-Write: users can view and edit the file online via a web browser. The file cannot be downloaded.
- Online Read-only: users can view the file online via a web browser. The file cannot be downloaded.
- Internal access only. This type of share is only accessible to those who have login access to Cloud Drive within your users.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Department Administrator allows you to assign control to departments to have their own rules.
[Cloud Drive] Added: Full text search for files with these extensions
- Microsoft Office Doc: .doc, .docx
- Microsoft Office PowerPoint: .ppt, .pptx
- Microsoft Office Excel: .xls, .xlsx
- LibreOffice files
- PDF files
- Markdown files: .md
- Various source code files
- Text files: .txt, .log
[Cloud Drive] Added: Ability to set your own retention and historical period.

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Error when updating the currency rate.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Registration does not work properly if the multi-select field uses translation strings
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Error during quotation generation from Order Draft