Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200521

Dipublikasi: 21/05/2020

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Ability to set timezone based on geodata.
[SuperScaler] Added: New invoice with clearer instructions for Hong Kong.
[SuperScaler] Added: New translated affiliate banner ads.
[Cloud Server] Added: Client IPs option to allow clients to use their own subnet.
[Cloud Server] Added: Option to set up a custom console URL in App settings.
[Cloud Server] Changed: Account IPs option replaced with Client IPs
[VDC] Added: New Virtual Data Center Plans now available

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Invoice discounts are applied to wrong items if the invoice was modified or has gateway fees.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Invoice discounts do not work if "Discount on invoice" is disabled.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Total price is not updated in some cases.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Total recurring price is not shown correctly in the cart for multiple items order
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Unable to submit orders through cart API.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Language variables added in the category name do not work correctly
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Cached request stopped working.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Unable to allocate more than 1 IP at a time for the interface.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Upgrades do not update the value for LXC.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Upgrades do not update swap and cores value for LXC.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Usage charts do not follow system date format
[UserAPI] Fixed: Cannot transfer domain when EPP code is required