Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200507

Dipublikasi: 07/05/2020

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: new client function 'Contracts' in products that allow you to view related contracts
[SuperScaler] Changed: It is now possible to change template with GET argument only for logged-in administrator
[SuperScaler] Added: Security code field will now auto-focus by default for Google Authentication
[SuperScaler] Added: Ability to enforce regular admin password change in the Password policy
[SuperScaler] Added: New order flow with advanced domain search features.
[SuperScaler] Changed: Wording from Estimate to Quotation for easier understanding.
[Cloud Servers] Added: Option to disable/enable reboot server after update to cloud-init network settings.
[IPAM] Added: It is now possible to buy additional IP address range to be used for Virtual Data Center or Dedicated Servers.
[Affiliates] New affiliate program now available with generous commissions.
[Affiliates] Updated T&C

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Upgrade options do not show up if the product category is private.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Logo in a quotation is not displayed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Some functions are duplicated on the service page in the client area if more than 1 app is connected to the product
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Lines like "Client changed his details" are not translated in the client log
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Provisioning can be started more than once creating multiple servers for one account.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Easy URLs sometimes do not work on Nginx in client DNS management section
[SuperScaler] Fixed: The wrong price was set when creating a recurring invoice and adding a new item from the product
[SuperScaler] Fixed: "Cannot use object of type OrderDraft as an array" on bundle products
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Slider values sets to the max without the ability to change
[SuperScaler] Fixed: It is not possible to add an item to the top of the list using menu editor in the theme configuration module
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: Error when trying to retry request that got no response.
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: Cloud-init network configuration is not added when creating VM from ISO.
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: OS name is not shown in server related emails.
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: New OS template for Windows Server 2016
[DNS Hosting] Fixed: When editing the SOA record, the data is displayed incorrectly
[Sophos] License for Sophos Server protection is now separated from OS templates for easier management

Knowledge Base

[r1Soft License] Price adjustments for subscriptions
[Wordpress Hosting] Due to low demand, Wordpress hosting is being decommissioned from service