Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200203

Dipublikasi: 03/02/2020

New Features
[Domains] Added: Features of automatically adding a domain to the related hosting account
[Ordering] Added: Ability to send notification and override recipients for orders
[Cloud Drive] Now it is possible to edit MS Office files.
[Cloud Drive] Changed Max days to keep an old version of a file to 730 days
[Cloud Drive] Changed Max number of versions of each file to 100 versions
[Cloud Server and Cloud Infrastructure] Added Mikrotik ROS ISO to be available for deployment
[Cloud Server and Cloud Infrastructure] New KB regarding CD-ROMs will cause HA now to work.
[Cloud Server and Cloud Infrastructure] Ability to upgrade from default internet port speed of servers.
[Server Backup] Price change from existing to a new price. Login to account for details.

Bugs Fixed
[Client Area] Fixed: Redirection after logging in does not always work
[API] Fixed: Search command is not returning any response
[API] Fixed: deleteClient API call requires non-existent permissions
[WebSpace] Fixed: Missing language variables for widgets
[Domains] Fixed: Imported domains always have autorenew set to "No" regardless of product configuration
[General] Fixed: Error when attempting to login as other contact
[General] Fixed: Forms values selected in cart are not saved when ordering products in bundles.
[Knowledgebase] Fixed: Does not display slug in URLs
[Payment Links] Fixed: Some invoices logs-out automatically after some time