Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200128

Dipublikasi: 28/01/2020

New Features
[Cloud Servers] Added: Option to use MAC address from assigned IP
[Cloud Servers] Added: Support for network rate upgrades.
[Payment] Added: Ability to enter CVC/CVV and custom amount
[Payment] Changed: The plugin user interface has been improved
[Domains] Changed: Domain renewal order is canceled after the domain grace period ends
[Client Area] Added: option to enable/disable profile notification when adding a new profile in the client area

Bugs Fixed
[Client Area] Fixed: CSS styles in the "Register Nameservers" client function
[Client Area] Fixed: Services that are terminated and canceled are not visible even when "Allow to see Canceled/Terminated services" is set to "Yes"
[Client Area] Fixed: When two identical domains are entered in bulk domain transfer, then cannot place an order
[Client Area] Fixed: Bandwidth graph usage image is shown as loading until manually refreshed when cloud flare is enabled.
[Client area] Fixed: Department name language tags are not translated on support summary page.
[Client area] Fixed: Logged in dropdown shows main profile email address when logged in as contact.
[Client area] Fixed: Unable to use bulk actions on domains from different pages.
[Client area] Fixed: Unable to remove last domain from order.
[Client area] Fixed: Sign-up select fields do not show field name
[Client area] Fixed: Changing language on service page can sometimes redirect to different page.
[Client area] Fixed: Page loader disappears before next page is loaded when changing pages quickly.
[Client area] Fixed: CSS improvements on the settings page
[Client area] Fixed: Client order is dropped when trying to verify email
[Client area] Fixed: Welcome emails are sent twice.
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: Backup disappears for a time after it is completed.
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: Provisioning can assign the same IP if multiple VMs are provisioned at the same time.
[Cloud Servers] Fixed: Notifications about backup creation and restoration are not working. - removed not needed vncconsole files
[DNS Services] Fixed: In some cases, DNS zones are not listed in client area after creation
[Ordering] Fixed: Unable to remove some domains from order.
[Domains] Fixed: Contacts update does not work correctly in client area
[Domains] Fixed: In some cases, the phone number has the wrong format when updating contacts
[Payment] Fixed: Invoice total changes to credit amount if applied credit is higher than total value.
[Payment] Fixed: Refund moves original transactions to credit note.
[Payment] Fixed: Add fund invoices are not processed if paid trough Pay all invoice option
[Payment] Fixed: Adding funds payment gateway fee adds to credit balance
[Payment] Fixed: In some cases, the payment amount was incorrect
[Payment] Fixed: When client select to pay all invoices in client portal, the credit card charge can be double counted
[API] Fixed: Sample auth code shown in userapi docs returns http 301
[API] Fixed: issueCreditNote creates a credit note without items.