Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20191126

Dipublikasi: 25/11/2019

New Features

  • [DNS Services] Added: Option to reset existing records when applying DNS template.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Client Area] Fixed: After pressing "Add domain" in the domain list, redirection to the order page does not work correctly

  • [DNS Services] Fixed: Progress bar layout is broken.

  • [Domains] Fixed: DNSSec records deletion does not trigger confirmation prompt

  • [Notification] Fixed: E-mails are sent to the main account when logging in to a contact profile.

  • [Cloud Servers] Fixed: UI fixes

  • [Cloud Servers] Fixed: Unable to submit upgrade request

  • [Cloud Servers] Fixed: VM is missing disk and interface details.

  • [SSL Order] Fixed: Email validation list is not generated for some domains.

  • [cPanel License] Fixed: Incorrect license details are being loaded