Informasi: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20220221

Dipublikasi: 21/02/2022

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Translations available for client credit logs entries
[SuperScaler] Added: Email notifications for service ccount, domain and addon will include related order details

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: The component price is incorrect for the custom Order type
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Cloud Console main page does not list Chargeback invoices
[DNS Hosting] Fixed: Synchronization removes the zone when the API returns a connection error while retrieving records
[DNS Hosting] Fixed: PHP Error when importing zone files with invalid records
[Cloud Server] Fixed: OS templates are not available for rebuilding when using non-shared storage to store templates.
[SSL Certificates] Fixed: Cannot edit CSR for wildcard

Price Adjustment - New Registration or Renewal will have new pricing on 1st April 2022.
[Domain Registration]: .sg,,,,,, .新加坡, .சிங்கப்பூர் will have a price increase of US$5.00/year
[Flussonic Media Server]: License fees will increase by US$9.00/month