How whitelist email accounts on Professional Spam Filter

Whitelisting Incoming email accounts in SpamExperts

Any sender in this list will not be checked for spam and automatically allowed through to any recipient on the account.

  1. Log into SpamExperts.

    Step 1: Add sender to whitelist.

    On the right side, you will have an options bar like the one shown in the image, go to the Whitelist / Blacklist panel and select the sender option.

    This window will be displayed, just go to the add container button and a small menu will be displayed at the top of the page.

    In “local-part” add the name of the email to be added and in “address” the name of the domain.

    For example. If you need to add an email called, then the configuration would be as follows.

    Local-part = test
    Address =

    Note: Important to check the “Apply to both” option Once done, press the “Save” button

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