Run SQL queries using phpMyAdmin

Step 1 Login to cPanel.
Step 2 Go to Database Section and select phpMyAdmin.

Go to Database Section and Select phpMyAdmin.Select phpMyAdmin

Step 3 Select the Database on the left pane.

Select the database from the list on left paneSelect the database

Step 4 Select the SQL option on the top of the page.

Select the SQL Option in Menu bar at the top of the pageSelect the SQL Option in top of the page

Step 5 Now we can view the SQL editor.

SQL Queries using phpMyAdminSQL Editor on phpMyAdmin

Step 6 Enter the SQL Queries in the SQL Editor and click “Go” button to execute the SQL Queries.

Enter the query on the SQL EditorEnter the query on the editor

Step 7 The SQL Query will be executed and success message will be displayed.

SQL Query Result displayedSQL Query Result displayed

Step 8 Done!

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