How to order SSL Certificate

1. Login to your Readyspace Customer Portal 

2. Click on Order button at the top of the screen

3. Select SSL Certificates

4. Select your preferred SSL type

5. Click on Continue button

6. You need CSR in order to purchase any SSL certificate. CSR need to be generated from your Hosting/Server.
    -A. On the next page if you already have CSR please select Yes, I have CSR ready and paste your CSR here.
    -B. If you Don't have your CSR please select I don't have my CSR ready. I will submit it after I place the order (You will have to insert CSR after you get it later)

7. On the same page please Enter your Common Name(Domain Name)

8. Click on Continue button

9. On the next Page you can Enter contact informtion for the cert. (leave it as default to follow contact detail in eadySpace account)

10. Click on Continue button

11. Choose the validity period of cert you want to purchse 

12. On the same page click on the email dropdown list to select email address
     -the selected email address will rececive an approval mail that need to be approved in order to sucessfully puchase the cert
     -the list is generated by the SSL certificate system and cannot be customize or adding any other email address
     -If you don't have any email address from the list, you might want to create one at your email server side.
     -the domain Registrant whois email address should be included in the list as well 

13. Click on Continue button

14. click Checkout to proceed to make payment

15. After mking the payment , the approval mail will be send to eail address you selected on steps 12. You have to approve it in order for the cert processing to be complete
     - You should receive the approval email within 45 minutes upon making the payment

16. After the cert succesfully process, you can find the cert details in your SSL Certificate plan Certificate Details

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