How to reset customers accounts password

Follow the steps closely to reset your password

[A] Link:


[B] Login ID: (registered email address)


[C] You will receive a RESET PASSWORD email token through (registered email address). Please check SPAM folder if you did not see it coming through into your Inbox. 

- Click RESET PASSWORD (green box) in the email (you will be directed to the login page. Leave the page open)
- Go back to your Mailbox, and wait for a second email with a generated password

[D] Please go to the login page and login with the registered email address with the the password generated for you in [C].

- If you have problem logging in, please clear our browser cache and try again. 

Create our preferred password in the portal

Go to EDIT DETAILS (vertical menu on your left)> CHANGE PASSWORD (on main page tab) and proceed accordingly with the recommended password policy - at least ONE Uppercase, Symbol and Numeric. 

TIP: You may consider setup 2-Factor Authentication to access your portal for future login.

Go to EDIT DETAILS (vertical menu on your left) > EDIT DETAILS (on main page tab) > tick "Enable" under Two-Factor Authentication and SAVE CHANGES

You may use Google Authenticator App (available under Andriod and Apple Store) to generate code for each login. 

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